Kit of Moragenda 2007 / Women’s Agenda in 2007 that includes a book and a documentary of a feminist agenda in 2007 is published! We tried to record and document one year women’s labour of change and fights for their rights in 2007 with Moragenda 2007. It was important to make visible and record this common and intensive labour for today and future. It was important for our intensive labour that is in all areas of life both domestic and non-domestic not to become invisible, off-record and out of history, not to be esteemed as valueless or anonymous things we produce. At thesame time it was important to expand the  women’s intensive and common effort of fighting for their rights despite all inequal conditions and also to increase the hope to change... In the book and documentary of Moragenda 2007, we tried to tell about all feminist agenda of 2007, campaigns, exhaustion, labour without any tiring and wishes in other words one year of women’s prosperous history. Although it is not possible to give a place  to all actions that thousands of women, hundreds of women groups and organizations fight against all kind of discrimination and violence against women in Turkey, we want to share labour from violence to employment, from politics to media and reflect those labour to you with stories of women from Ankara, Antalya, Diyarbakır, Çanakkale, İstanbul, İzmit, İzmir, Tunceli and Van. With kit that includes a documentary and a book prepared with help of Women Culture and Communication Foundation, we share feminist agenda of 2007 from Women’s Platform of Constitution to campaign of “We Support the Licensed”, from 20th Anniversary of Women Solidarity Against Beating to women shelters and counseling(solidarity) centers, from headscarf to women who are on strike at Novamed and campaign we ask “Is it compulsary to be male in order to become a member of the parliment?”  and then see that it is like this. And besides our labour also our dreams and aims for future years... We started to distribute kit “Moragenda 2007 / Women’s Agenda in 2007” including a book and a documentary that is supported by European Union in the content of Strenghtening Civil Society in the Pre-accession Process: NGO Grant Facility. In addition anyone who are interested could take the kit from Filmmor without any charge....  Moragenda 2007 / Women’s Agenda in 2007 is dedicated to all women who work hard to prevent inequalities that women experince throughout history and to all women who will carry on this labour. Wishes to work all together with you for a world without any discrimination and violence against women.





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