2012, 37’, Color, 35 mm, Turkish-Kurdish, English Subtitled

Filmmaker: Melek Özman Cinematographer: Ülkü Songül, Tuğçe Canbolat Editing: Melek Özman Sound: Deniz Nihan Aktan Music: Aynur Doğan, Feryal Öney, Fulya Özlem, Neslihan Engin, Rojin, Sezen Aksu Graphic: Feyza Çanaklı Typography: Pelin Kırca Translation: Ayşe Düzkan Production: Filmmor Women's Cooperative

Meral is 22 years old. She starts a new life with her daughter after have finished her marriage in which she had been exposed to violence. She goes back to the school that had left incomplete. She dreams of having a semi-skilled certificate after quickly finishing school, building a home for herself and her daughter, providing her daughter with education; that means she dreams of having a good life. And she hopefully struggles to make this dream real.

On the day of 22th July 2011, the man whom Meral divorced one year ago, goes to her hairdresser salon and kills her with nine knife slashes. It is seen in the news as "Another Woman Killing".

Meral's mother, sister and neighbors take place in the documentary with their testimonies; Aynur Doğan, Feryal Öney, Fulya Özlem, Neslihan Engin, Rojin, and Sezen Aksu take place with their songs sung for Meral and against women killings.


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