2010, DV, Color, 65’, Turkish, English Subtitled

Director: Melek Özman Archieve: Yasemin Temizarabacı İnterviews: Ayşe Düzkan Cinematographer:Ülkü Songül Music: Deniz Bayrak Editing: Orsen Küçüktamer, Yasemin Temizarabacı

Women in the Turkish cinema… Rarely narrator, mostly subject, generally – in films directed by men - Innocent, Insolent, Enticing, but always two-dimensional: "good" or "bad"? How much real is their goodness or malignity? Why are they never listened to, believed or forgiven but always punished?

In the film we follow, with Alin Taşçıyan, Arzu Okay, Hülya Uğur Tanrıöver, Lale Belkis, Agah Özgüç, Ülkü Erakalın and the cinema audience, what the Yeşilçam cinema sector did to these women and hear the seldom laughters of “enticing women” among the sobs of "innocent women”...


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