2008, DV, Color, 52’, Turkish, English Subtitled

Director: Melek Özman / Cinematographer: Ülkü Songül / Music: Fulya Özlem, Neslihan Engin / Editing : Melek Özman / Production: Filmmor Kadın Kooperatifi

In the 1970’s while the second wave of Feminism has influenced the whole world, right after the announcement of 1975 as the ‘Year of Women’ in the world, women and feminity becomes issues of conversation and debate in Turkey, too. Hence YAZKO (The Cooperation of Writers and Translators) wants to translate several books on women to Turkish with the suggestion and initiative of women again. Women, who come together intending to do these translations, but whose roads have intersected already while looking for solution to the very question of woman condition, give up on doing those translations since, from that point onwards, their new objective becames ‘starting a feminist movement’.

The documentary gives an account of the women’s experiences of discovery, action and rebellion together, hence it tells the story of the first year of the formation of the feminist movement in Turkey.



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