The 14th Annual Filmmor Women’s Film Festival is Just Around the Corner! “Women’s Solidarity Keeps Women Alive”

The International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels is embarking on its 14th journey, beginning on March 12th in Istanbul, making its way through 7 cities before ending on April 30th.

The 14th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels will be in Istanbul March 12th-20th, with this year’s motto: “Femicide is Preventable: Women’s Solidarity Keeps Women Alive.” The annual festival, which continues to share women’s experiences and hopes, visions and dreams by means of cinema, will move on from Istanbul to be in Antakya on March 26th-27th, in collaboration with the Women’s Labor Collective; in Adana on April 2nd-3rd, in collaboration with the Adana Women’s Platform; in Bodrum on April 9th-10th, in collaboration with Bodrum Women's Solidarity Assocaiton; in Mardin on April 16th-17th, in collaboration with Arîn Women’s Center; in Izmir on April 23rd -24th, in collaboration with the İzmir Women's Solidarity Association and Independent Women’s Initiative; and in Van on April 29th-30th, in collaboration with the Van Women’s Association.

Nearly 300 films from all over the world were submitted for inclusion in this year’s festival, which will be screening over 70 films. In addition to the sections “Women’s Cinema,” “A Purse of Her Own,” and “Sex-Gender-Sexualities,” which are part of the festival every year, this year we have added sections titled “Femicide is Preventable – Women’s Solidarity Keeps Women Alive,” ♀ Video-Art Selection, and “Women are Everywhere,” as well as a retrospective and a thematic collection. The retrospective featuring the films of Chantal Akerman, a master of feminist cinema who sadly passed away last year, will be held in collaboration with Istanbul Modern. The thematic collection titled “Women’s Cinema in the Middle East and North Africa” includes films by women directors from a broad geographical region extending from Morocco to Iran. In addition to films, the festival also includes workshops, panels, forums, and discussions, further highlighting the experiences, contributions, and concerns of women, in their own words.

Although the 14th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels does not have a competition component, it does feature two awards. The first is a solidarity award given to a first film or films, whose representations of women are not passive, traditional, or sexist, and which rather than objectifying women show them as well-rounded subjects, capable of resistance and action, and possessing dreams of their own: The Purple Camera Award for Hope-Inspiring Woman Filmmaker. The second is actually a series of anti-awards called the Golden Okras, which are designed to draw attention to sexism in the cinema of Turkey, and will be presented for the 8th time this year. Viewers will be voting online to determine the recipients of this year’s Golden Okra Awards, which are announced each year “in the hopes that these will be the last, due to failure to find nominees in the future.” 

The 14th Filmmor Women’s Film Festival, bringing together women and their films from 30 different countries, will be coming to 7 cities as of March 12th, with the wish to end femicide and keep women’s solidarity, and women, alive.



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