14th Annual Filmmor Women’s Film Festival: Let the Movies Commence!

“Women’s Solidarity Keeps Women Alive”

The 14th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels kicks off in Istanbul on March 11th, with the first screening at 12:00 on Monday, before visiting 7 cities in 7 weeks through April 30th 

Lisa Çalan, a filmmaker who lost her legs during the bombing in Diyarbakır, and who is still undergoing prosthesis treatment, will be doing us the honor of conducting the opening ceremony of this year’s festival. In a spirit of resistance and solidarity, we shall raise the curtain to the tunes of Fulya Özlem and the Acoustic Cabaret, and the vision of Distant… / Dûr e..., by director Leyla Toprak, this year’s recipient of the Purple Camera Award for Hope-Inspiring Woman Filmmaker. The 14th Filmmor Women’s Film Festival screenings will then commence at 12:00 noon on March 12th.

In 14th Year, Festival Visits 7 Cities in 7 Weeks 

The 14th Annual Filmmor Women’s Film Festival will take place in Istanbul at the Pera Museum, the Italian Cultural Center, Aynalı Geçit, and İstanbul Modern, from March 12th until the 20th. A 50 TL combined ticket grants you entrance to all screenings in Istanbul, while screenings held as part of the On Wheels component of the festival are free of cost.  After Istanbul the festival will head to Hatay, where films will be screened at the Hatay Doctors’ Chamber in collaboration with the Women’s Labor Collective on March 26th-27th; and from there to the Adana Seyhan Cultural Center on April 2nd-3rd, in collaboration with the Adana Women’s Platform; followed by Bodrum CineMarine Cinemas on April 9th-10th, with the Bodrum Women’s Solidarity Association; Mardin Sinemardin on April 16th-17th, in collaboration with the Arîn Women’s Center; İzmir DEÜ Desem on April 23rd-24th, in collaboration with the Izmir Women’s Solidarity Association and Independent Women’s Initiative; and at Van TTÜ on April 29th-30th, in collaboration with the Van Women’s Association… 

Beginning March 12th, the 14th Filmmor Women’s Film Festival will be visiting 7 cities in 7 weeks, bringing with it the desire to live in solidarity, and keep women alive through solidarity…



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