15. International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels Is on Its Way

Filmmor Women’s Film Festival: The festival got its start in 2003, with the slogan “Women Make Movies.” In the 15 years since, the festival has screened over 500 films for women filmgoers in 25 different cities, and hosted over 100 women filmmakers from all over the world. In addition to screening films grouped under such headings as “Women’s Cinema,” “Our Bodies Belong to Us,” “A Purse of Her Own,” and “Sex-Gender-Sexualities,” the festival has featured retrospectives, films pertaining to unique, pertinent themes selected each year, discussions, forums, and workshops, in which women from all parts of the world have participated, with tens of thousands of women coming together, engaging in discussion and debate, having their own say in the effort to see women make their own art and produce a better future for themselves and all women.

The 15th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels will kick off at the French Cultural Center in Istanbul, where the festival will be held 11-19 March 2017, before moving on to the cities of Adana, Bodrum, Çanakkale, Giresun, Mersin, and İzmir. The festival will be welcoming women in 7 different cities from March 11th to April 30th.

The 15th Filmmor Women’s Film Festival will screen 41 films under feature sections Women’s Cinema, Women’s Cinema in Turkey, and The Displaced, as well as Christine Delphy – I’m Not Feminist But…, and the retrospective Deepa Mehta – Cinema of the Earth, in addition to holding workshops, forums and discussions. 


Entrance to all screenings and events held as part of the 15th Filmmor Women’s Film Festival will be free of cost in all cities this year. The festival invites all women in the aforementioned 7 cities to come to the movies, to join us in the realm of cinema-beyond housework, beyond the chaos of the city, beyond daily trials and tribulations-and join hands in solidarity.