16th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels Is on Its Way

10 March – 10 May 2018

The Filmmor Women’s Cooperative, which was established to make movies for women and women, is organizing the 16th International Festival of Filmmor Women’s Films Festival. The festival, which will start in Istanbul on 10 March, is preparing to meet women in 8 cities including Trabzon, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Mersin, Adana and Diyarbakır until 10 May. The Festival Spring will continue with Flying Broom after Filmmor.

At the 16th Filmmor Women’s Films Festival, audiences will be able to watch the 21st century masters “dance with the cinema” among women, who open the cinemas and the diatoms differently than “female films” of “female directors”. The festival will offer a packed program filled with public displays this year with 48 films from around the world and Turkey, discussions, workshops.

Women’s Cinema, Women’s Festival

Filmmor Women’s Cooperative, İzmir Women’s Solidarity Association, Bodrum Women’s Solidarity Association, Antalya Women’s Solidarity Association, Blacksea Women’s Solidarity Association, İzmir Independent Women’s Initiative, Women’s Academy Collective Association, Middle East Cinema Academy Association and Adana Women’s Platform Solidarity 16. Filmmor Women Films Festival ; We will meet all the shows and events for 8 months in 8 cities for 2 months, free of charge this year.

Initial Information from Festival Program

In the film program; Women’s Cinema; The neighbor’s neighbor is in need of the film; Women are Vars; Our Body is Our: Sexual Harassment; Type-iyet-s; Mass Screening: In addition to the films that will be shown under the Fiona Tan sections, there is a Children’s Special Session.

A Purse of Her Own: New Generation Women Producers and Time is Up!:Sexual Harassment in Film Industry Panels, Short Film Workshop, Feminist Memory: Kate Millett and Sirin Tekeli, Women’s Forum, Meetings, Interviews.

Schedule Your Calendar Already

The program, participants, events and film workshops every year are highly anticipated, International Filmmor Women’s Films Festival on International Days, 16th year to meet women.


Festival cities and dates; Istanbul, March 10-17; Antalya, March 23-25; Izmir, March 30-April 1; Trabzon, 6-8 April; Bodrum 13-15 April, Mersin 20-22 April, Adana 27-29 April, Diyarbakir, 4-6 May. Following Filmmor, Festival Spring; It will last until 17th May with Flying Broom.

The festival schedule and details will be shared in detail with the press conference to be held on February 27th.