Filmmor Women’s Cooperative (Filmmor)

Filmmor Women’s Cooperative, established exclusively by women in 2001 and open only to women, is here to do cinema, to contest, to produce, to dream and to act for women, together with women!


Aims to increase the involvement of women in cinema and media, to enhance their communication and production areas, opportunities and empower for them to express themselves in these fields, to spread women’s non-sexist representations and experiences.

Works in common platforms and campaigns with women’s organizations such as the Women’s Media Watch Group-MEDİZ, EWL Coordination for Turkey, Urgent Prevention Group Against the Femicide.

Organizes the Women’s Cinema Workshop Atölyemor/Wokshopurple, where women acquire information and knowledge and experience on cinema and realized 6 years. 

Organizes exhibitions such as “Women Through Women’s Eyes” photo exhibition, “Let’s Talk About Honour” film and photo exhibition, “Let’s Not Be Imprisoned in Housework, Let’s Go Out in Istanbul” Film, Photo and Design exhibition. Makes films with women for women on womanhood, as can be seen on the eleven film which have been produced.

Organizes each year The International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels that sets off from Istanbul and visits Denizli, Diyarbakir, Sinop, Kars, Eskisehir and Urfa, touring different cities with films by only women directors and various activities and themes such as “Women Focusing on Violence”, “Honour,” “Films in Peace With Their Bodies”. 

Dreams of a life free of sexism, violence and discrimination in cinema, media and finally everywhere...


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