DigiMor: Feminist Digital Communication-Production Workshop

Digital Feminist Communication: Implementation of communication forms and models based on feminist principles in digital media with digital tools.

Digital/Cyber ​​Violence: Cyber ​​bullying, cyber stalking, digital harassment, visual sexual harassment, etc. forms of violence.

Digital Security: Forms of security that prevent access and use of digital tools, network connections and individual data beyond one’s own control.

Digital Activism: Activism, action carried out with digital tools in digital media for social-political purposes formats.

Digital Divide: The difference and division created by discriminations such as social, economic, religion, language and gender in the field of access and use of information and communication technologies.

DigiMor: Filmmor’s feminist digital communication-production workshop for feminist to share the knowledge and experiences of women in the digital field, to increase feminist visibility and solidarity, to ensure equal-safe participation in information and communication technology; Feminist digital; Feminist digital communication workshop for rights defender organizations under the topics of communication-security-rights-media-design-production-video-action.