Digital Segregation: During the initial years of laying the foundations of technology, similar to the early years of cinema, women were producing, designing and developing in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. The gender inequality in accessing Information and Communication Technologies, and the digital segregation that emerges as a result of economic, social and political inequalities can be eliminated by providing the means for equal access and safe use. 

Digital Gender Gap: It indicates the advantageous position of men in accessing and using Information and Communication Technologies, and the unequal access and unsafe conditions of use for women; in any case it restricts the right to accessible and safe digital communications for anyone. In recent years, women have been able to access the Internet at a higher rate, especially through social media tools. However, digital male violence restricting the means of safe use; digital harassment, digital stalking, and cyberbullying continues.

Cyberfeminism: As the Internet use increases rapidly across the world and in Turkey, so does the gender gap. However it is a fundamental civil right to reach Information and Communication Technologies, discovered, developed and well-used by women; easy, safe and quality access; and information.

DijiMor: Digital Feminist Communication-Production Workshop:  to share women’s knowledge and experiences in the digital space, and increase the visibility and solidarity.